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Polo Red Rush by Ralph Lauren 4.2 oz Eau De Toilette Spray Men


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Polo Red Rush Col. by Ralph Lauren, Released in 2018, Polo Red Rush is a fresh, masculine scnt., featuring citrusy top notes of red mandarin, grapefruit and lemon lifted by sweet, tropical pineapple. Heady base notes of cedarwood and deep red coffee blend with pungent heart notes of spearmint and red saffron, with hints of lavender and orange blossom to round out the spicy accord. The Col. is packaged in a silver version of the company's sleek, signature flask and features the well-known Polo logo in scarlet. Atop the sophisticated bottle sits a deep black stopper that is wrapped in a thin, crimson ribbon bearing the scnt.'s name.The first smells released by designer brand Ralph Lauren were launched in March 1978 at Bloomingdale’s, the first time a designer ever released new feminine and masculine scnt.s simultaneously. An American born in the Bronx to an Ashkenazi Jewish family, Lauren launched his signature Polo brand to reflect a casually luxurious lifestyle.Polo Red Rush by Ralph Lauren for Men - 4.2 oz Eau de De Toilette Spray, Men

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